[a little bit more less]

2017 / 15 min. / 35mm 1.66:1
Dir. Aaron Khandros
DP. Nathaniel Draper
Written by Jonathan Patten

Isolated vacationers in the tidal grip of discovery and
suppression at a tranquil state park on the Florida coast.


Moricand In Belleville

2017 / 25 min. / Super16mm, Super8mm, Video 1.85:1
Dir. Nathaniel Draper
Prod. Benjamin Draper, Cassandra Celestin, Aaron Khandros

A man dying to get a grip on Belleville
loses his way in a river of overhead whispers,
blurred faces, and neon...



2015 / 9 min. / Super16mm 1.66:1
Dir. Aaron Khandros & Nathaniel Draper
Prod. Cassandra Celestin

Concrete temples devoted to gods that haven't yet been invented. Dedicated to those gods.

Festivals & Screenings

Premier: Chicago Underground Film Festival, USA [June 2016]
Edinburgh International Film Festival - Black Box, Scotland [June 2016]
Kasseler Dokfest, Germany [October 2016]
Analogica, Italy [November 2016]
Unexposed Microcinema, USA [March 2017]
Analogica Selection Roadshow:
   -Artist Television Access, San Francisco [February 2017]
   -Cine Tonalá, Mexico City [March 2017]

Jake Buys Hashish In Athens

2016 / 8 min. / Super 8 1.66:1

In the heart of Athens, something's going on...



2016 / 8 min. / Super16mm 1.66:1
Dir. Cassandra Celestin
Prod. Aaron Khandros
DP Nathaniel Draper

Traces of a body draw a camera across a landscape of stone and walls.


Split Tariff

2015 / 4 min. / Super 8 1.37:1
Dir. Nathaniel Draper & Cassandra Celestin
Prod. Aaron Khandros

From a boatyard...

In Window

2014 / 3 min. / Super 8 1.37:1
Dir. Nathaniel Draper

What does it take to reach all the way out from a window?

Hand-processed and edited at L'Abominable, Paris.

The Nose

2012 / 13 min. / 16mm 1.37:1
Dir. Nathaniel Draper
Prod. Aaron Khandros
D.P. Jared Radin
Art - Cassandra Celestin
Art - Max Skelton

A man loses his nose.

Recipient, National Board of Review Student Film Award, 2012